Still Dancing, Still Inspiring: Celebrating 60 Years of the National Ballet of Canada

2011, Banner Stand/Travelling Exhibit, Culture, History, National Ballet of Canada
anniversary, ballet, celebratory, choreography, costume, dance, design drawing, fitness, music, performance, sports, travelling
About This Project

Date: At City Hall November 14 – 19, 2011; travelling September and October 2011

Partner: The National Ballet of Canada

Venue: travelling to various locations, including Toronto City Hall – map

Project Members: Jackie Armstrong, Katie Browning, Michelle Chan, Kristen Kerr, and Elizabeth Rodriguez


As an exhibition-related project, our team will not be producing, marketing, or installing this exhibit. Instead, we have been asked by the National Ballet of Canada (NBoC) to submit an exhibit proposal, which will include the exhibit content (text and images), a budget, a production and installation schedule, panel mock-ups and layout designs. We intended the exhibition to be celebratory in nature, but the NBoC would also like it to be somewhat promotional.


Because City Hall is a public venue, this exhibit must cater to a very broad audience. Moreover, we expect that the audience will not likely be visiting City Hall just to see the exhibition.


This exhibition will be displayed in various theatre lobbies across Canada, and in the rotunda of Toronto City Hall. These venues limit the scope of the exhibition; due to security concerns and transportation costs, the exhibit cannot feature objects.


The exhibition is sponsored by the National Ballet of Canada. Images and research will be taken from the National Ballet of Canada Archive.


Planning began in October 2010. Our exhibit concept was approved by the NBoC in January 2011. The research was completed between January and February 2011. We intend to complete text drafts in March 2011 and submit a finished exhibit proposal to the NBoC in April. The exhibit will be produced in August 2011, tour with the company in September/October, and be installed for one week at City Hall on November 14th, 2011.


Still Dancing, Still Inspiring will include six thematic modules, each with three panels of images and text, and two introductory panels. City Hall’s rotunda can be entered from multiple directions, so a linear presentation (ie. with a clear beginning and end) would not be ideal. Each module will focus on an element that is essential to a completed ballet production; these include dancers’ training and nutrition, choreography, music and the orchestra, set construction, costume design, and storytelling. In order to make it easier for the exhibit to travel, these panels will be printed onto retractable screens.


The National Ballet of Canada is responsible for marketing this exhibit. They plan to promote it in combination with other 60th Anniversary events.


The main objectives of this exhibition are to invite a diverse audience to celebrate 60 years of The National Ballet of Canada and to evoke the various arts that come together to create a ballet production. We hope that the outcomes will be that our audience has a greater awareness and appreciation of the NBoC.


We greatly appreciate the guidance of Prof. Matthew Brower and the advice of our peers in the Masters of Museum Studies program. We would also like to acknowledge the National Ballet of Canada for making the exhibition possible.