Anthem: Expressions of Canadian Identity

2021, Canadian Language Museum
art, art gallery, artist book, Canadian Language Museum, contemporary art, online exhibition, York University
About This Project

Date: Spring 2021
Partner: Canadian Language Museum
Sponsors: University of Toronto Faculty of Information, Glendon
College at York University, Bulmash-Siegel Foundation, Centre for Research on Language and Cultural Contact
Location: Location: (launch Spring 2021)
Canadian Language Museum, 2275 Bayview Avenue (launch Fall 2021)
Project Members: Cayleigh Eccles, Jessica Lanziner, Megan Sue-Chue-Lam
“ANTHEM: Expressions of Canadian Identity” invites artists from across Canada to share their diverse interpretations to the Canadian national anthem through book works. The curator, Derek Besant, asks: “Who are we, where are we, and what are we, as Canadians?” This exhibition seeks not to answer these questions, but to open conversations on the relevance of the anthem in relation to the experiences of people residing on this land.

The exhibition is hosted by the Canadian Language Museum (CLM), and will open online in Spring 2021, with the physical exhibition set to open in Fall 2021 (dependent upon pandemic restrictions). Over the course of Fall 2020 to Spring 2021, the CLM exhibition team has developed an exhibition website featuring artworks, artist biographies, related news stories, educational materials for teachers, and additional research about O Canada, as well as a physical exhibition catalogue that will be available for purchase at the museum.

We would like to thank our project advisor and CLM director, Elaine Gold, and our course instructor, Agnieszka Chalas, for their continued support throughout the completion of this exhibition. We would also like to thank Eleni Pappas and Beatrice Nkwunda from York University’s Histoire Vivante program for their additional research on the project. Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks to the exhibiting artists for sharing their thoughtful responses and exceptional artworks with us.