Toronto Art Project

2014, Art Gallery of Ontario, Program/Event
artist talk, contemporary art, intervention, Toronto, tour
About This Project

Date: June 5, 2014 – First Thursday Event

Partner: Art Gallery of Ontario

Venue: Art Gallery of Ontario – map

Project Members: Melissa Smith


Big Idea

By identifying specific works of art in the permanent collection, we will highlight Toronto artists, Toronto stories, and Toronto history in order to provide an understanding of the dynamic and diverse nature of the Toronto art scene.


Target Audience

  • Neighbouring community
  • Members
  • Torontophiles
  • Tourists


General public Objectives

  • To explore the relationship between visual art and the city
  • To implicate the AGO in the history of art making in this city
  • To highlight the diversity of the Toronto art scene
  • To celebrate the Toronto art scene and contemporary art production in the city
  • To challenge ourselves to better reflect the diversity of Toronto art and push the boundaries.


Labeling Goal

To identify artworks which are part of the Toronto story for visitors.



A symbol such as a little CN tower, squirrel, Nathan Phillip’s Square, Grange House, raccoon included on labels of artwork by Toronto artists. Visitor feedback will be sought to decide which symbol to use.


Curated Intervention Goal

To stage a contemporary intervention with the artwork that is currently up in the John Ridley Gallery.



As a part of First Thursdays, the display cases will be replaced by a Derek Liddington disk sculpture which will address sunrise and sunset and the Toronto artwork currently in the exhibition space. The video monitors in this space will display videos created by Derek Liddington which relate to the sculpture and address endurance.


Artist Talk Goal

To create engaging programming that incorporates contemporary Toronto artists.



Derek Liddington and I will give a talk at the First Thursday event. We will present our impressions, inspirations, and interventions in an artist talk format.


Gallery Guide Tour Goal

To provide opportunities to have conversations about Toronto art in the galleries.



Gallery Guides will lead Toronto art themed tours and on the spot talks in the galleries.
I’d like to thank Derek Liddington, Andrew Hunter, Keri Ryan and Matt Brower for all their patience and support.