StreetARToronto Restrospective

2020, StreetARToronto
2010s, 21st-century, art, city of toronto, contemporary art, cycling, dundas west, graffiti, history, junction triangle, mural, rail, roncesvalles, Street art, StreetARToronto, Toronto, tour, travel, walking, west toronto railpath
About This Project

Date: N/A

Partner: StreetARToronto (StART)

Location: N/A

Project Members: Thomas Goessaert, Julie Suh, Toryn Suddaby


Ten years ago, the City of Toronto created a program to reduce graffiti vandalism on public spaces and streets. Today, the program has evolved into StreetARToronto or “StART”, which now supports artists and facilitates urban beautification with city-wide projects. Retrospective is a look back at the past ten years of street art in Toronto and a reflection on the career trajectories of artists who have participated in various StART programs.


Our team is participating in the celebration of the program’s past decade by creating an
interpretive plan for StART to implement between Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. As the program’s original purpose was to eliminate graffiti vandalism, StART inherited a contested relationship between the City and street artists. With this in mind, we mean to create a non-traditional exhibition that minimizes elitist or authoritarian connotations associated with a museum or gallery space.


The city becomes our gallery in the area we have chosen along the West Toronto Railpath,
where we are laying the groundwork for guided and self-guided walking and cycling tours of works. The tour will begin at Dupont and Dundas Street West where visitors may take
advantage of bike-share in the area, follow the rail lines along Dundas West in the Junction Triangle, and then stroll on foot through Roncesvalles to Dundas West Station. We wish to promote the personal narratives of artists wherever possible throughout the tour alongside the history of the city and neighbourhoods that form their canvas and the land upon which we all are living and exploring.