Portraits of the Land: Exploring King Township’s Changing Relationship with Its Land

2020, King Heritage & Cultural Centre
acrylic, art, built environment, built heritage, environment, group show, Heritage, King Township, landscape, local art, local artists, multimedia, nature, oil painting, painting, photography, relationship, York Region
About This Project

Date: May 1 – September 12, 2020
Partner: King Heritage & Cultural Centre (KHCC)
Location: King Heritage & Cultural Centre (KHCC), 2920 King Rd, King City, Ontario, L7B 1L6
Project Members: Mara Benjamin, Emily Golumbia, Selin Kahramanoglu & Revital Weiss


As the landscape of what is now called King Township continues to change, so too does the sense of place for its diverse inhabitants. Ongoing land development of King Township has changed how its residents—old and new—view and relate to their environment. Through paintings, photography, and interviews, this exhibition, hosted by KHCC, features local artists that express personal perspectives on King Township’s landscape. Portraits of the Land explores a number of issues facing King Township as a result of progressive development. The artwork expresses five common themes: movement networks, suburbanization, the farming industry, foodways, and loss. Visitors can expect stunning representations of nature colliding with urban landscapes and unique portrayals of King Township’s overlooked corners. Through this exhibition, residents can navigate new relationships with their changing landscape. Multiple perspectives emerge as artists express these changes through artworks that depict what the area once was and what it has become.