Online Lesson Plan Gallery

2016, Bata Shoe Museum, Digital/Online, History, Report/Plan
costume, curriculum, footwear, new media, youth
About This Project

Date: April 18, 2016

Partner: The Bata Shoe Museum

Venue: online

Project Members: Amelia Yan


The Online Lesson Plan Gallery is a new educational resource for teachers. It offers educators a range of exciting activities and lessons that help students learn about footwear from around the world. It also provides teachers with a virtual community to share their own educational materials and connect with other teachers across Canada.


To facilitate and inspire teacher participation, the Online Lesson Plan Gallery offers educators several core, guiding documents. These documents include a lesson plan template, four model lesson plans, and an easy-to-follow contribution guide.


This online initiative has been developed in collaboration with the Bata Shoe Museum and its education team, Sheila Knox and Andrea Field. With this new service, the Bata Shoe Museum hopes to increase its assistance to schoolteachers and highlight its strengths as an educational resource in the community


The Online Lesson Plan Gallery launches on the Bata Shoe Museum’s website on April 18th, 2016.