Melodies of Kachemak Bay: A Celebration of our Musical Tradition

2010, Culture, History, Pratt Museum
Alaska, Den’ina Athabascan, Homer, Kachemak Bay, Pratt Museum, Roots Music, Smihsonian, Sugpiaq Alutiiq
About This Project

Date: November 13-December 31, 2009

Partner: Pratt Museum

Location: Homer. Alaska

Project Members: Robi Harris

Music inspires creativity and passion while also building community and a sense of belonging. The Kachemak Bay region’s musical heritage is rich in cultural influences and is an important piece of our everyday lives. From the Native musical traditions of the Sugpiaq Alutiiq and Den’ina Athabascan to the early Russian influences and the music brought by homesteaders to their new homeland, the diversity of our region of about 30,000 people makes our local musical traditions significant.
Melodies of Kachemak Bay: A Celebration of our Musical Tradition is intended to highlight and explore both the past and current local music scene. Organizations and events such as the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra and KBBI’s Concert on the Lawn highlight local music and musicians.
As you explore the exhibit keep these questions in mind. What are the cultural influences that impact music in the region? What is the role of music in personal or community life? Can you hear the influences in contemporary music culture?