Inclusive Collections Toolkit: Mobilizing Collections for Inclusion at the Art Gallery of Ontario

2018, Art Gallery of Ontario, Report/Plan
art, art history, collections, diversity, equity, inclusion, Ontario, representation
About This Project

Project Member: Kendra Campbell


Curatorial Statement: While the discourse of diversity and inclusion has permeated to art galleries, there is much work to be done to ensure the rhetoric matches the reality of the institution. Collections and exhibitions are key areas where inclusion and equitable representation should be a priority. An environmental scan of ongoing inclusion initiatives and consultation with established museum professionals represent some of the progressive actions that can advance an institution’s larger objectives.


Intended Audience: This report was prepared as an internal document for exclusive use by the Project Supervisor.


Basic Timeline: Project researcher Kendra Campbell began preliminary research for the toolkit in the summer of 2017. The environmental scan that included a literature review and summary of best practices continued until Spring 2018. During that period, a series of eight dialogue sessions were held with a range of museum professionals who work with collections and exhibitions in the Greater Toronto Area. To contextualize this information, Kendra sought consultation with diversity and inclusion professionals. The project culminated with the Kendra’s participation at the 2018 Ontario Museum Association Inclusive Museum Leadership Symposium.


Outcomes: Based on the findings of the environmental scan and the dialogue sessions, the final report detailed three strategies institutions can use to embed inclusive practices into the institution. This report provides additional resources related to inclusion that will further support work already in progress at the institution.


Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Keri Ryan, Associate Director of Interpretation and Visitor Research at the Art Gallery of Ontario for supervising the research process and her continued support. Also, special thanks to all of the dialogue respondents for their time and consideration. They each offered valuable insight that strengthened the project outcome and deepened the project researcher’s knowledge.