Faith & Place: Religious Pluralism in 19th Century Northern India

2015, Aga Khan Museum, History, Temporary Exhibit
19th-century, architecture, Christian interest, colour design, design drawing, floor plan, Hindu interest, India, installation photos, Jain interest, Muslim interest, photography, religion, Sikh interest
About This Project

Date: April 7 – September 2015

Partner: Aga Khan Museum

Venue: Ismaili Centre Toronto – map

Project Members: Fiona Anthes, Cameron Crawley, Daira Szostak, and Megan Wiles


Faith & Place tells a compelling story about how people from diverse religious backgrounds in India use architecture as a means to materialize their beliefs, bringing their core values into a concrete space which leaves a definitive mark on the landscape.


Our planned exhibition explores the people and place within the context of faith in Northern India. We will communicate this idea using photographs from the collection of the Aga Khan Trush for Culture (AKTC) to be displayed at the Ismaili Centre Toronto (ICT), in association with the Aga Khan Museum (AKM). The images capture different forms of religious architecture from Delhi, Agra, and Lucknow as taken by European photographers in the late 19th century. The exhibition is a project overseen by the AKM as part of a collaborative program with its neighbouring building, the ICT. The show will feature both original photographs and facsimiles from 19th century North India that display elements of faith and place through the lens of religious architecture from Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, and Jain sources. Our intended audience is adult visitors and youth over the age of 12 from the local multicultural community and beyond.