Cree: The People’s Language

2015, Banner Stand/Travelling Exhibit, Canadian Language Museum, Culture
audio content, bilingual, Canada, Cree, dialects, indigenous interest, language, linguistics, logo, syllabics, travelling, University of Toronto
About This Project

Date: March 26 – April 9, 2015, Tour to follow

Partner: Canadian Language Museum

Venue: Starting at New College’s Wilson Hall – map

Project Members: Ann Snook and Julianna Rock


The Cree language has the most speakers of any Aboriginal language in Canada. This exhibition will explore the history, current usage, and future of the Cree language. Visitors will learn about the wide range of dialects of Cree across the country and how they differ. Additionally, the exhibit introduces visitors to Cree word formation, the syllabics writing system, and the role animacy plays in the language. Photographs and audio clips further enrich the exhibit experience.